Our advantages

1.High integrity

We insist on being honest with every customer, and we believe this is fundamental to doing long-term business. We have strategic partnerships with all our clients, not just for one business.We believe that only long-term cooperation can bring benefits to both parties.

2.Extreme Efficiency


We serve every customer with extreme efficiency. We have a rule that all enquiries must be replied within 24 hours, because we believes that extreme efficiency is the core of our company and the driving force of our company's continuous development.


3. Professional advice

When many customers send us an inquiry, most of them give us a picture or a link, and do not have clear information about their specific requirements and needs. At this time, we will use our professional advice to help customers. When screening, we usually need to ask our clients about their sales channels, sales markets, customer groups, and whether they have experience in importing goods from China. These questions can help us screen and quickly respond to customer inquiries.


4. Effective Communication

We keep communicating with our customers at any time to help each other understand each other better and gain the most basic trust, because without the foundation of trust, the cooperation can not continue.


5. Options

When we come across an inquiry, there are many better options, we will prepare a number of options, so that the customer to choose what he/she thinks is the best option, thus greatly reducing the other party's waiting time, because all the purpose is to ensure that the order can be completed successfully.


6. To close the order as a starting point

In communication with customers, we always respect each other's time , so all our starting point is to promote the completion of the order. We believe that time is priceless and cannot be measured in money. Therefore, we will respect our customers' time very much and will not seek their advice on unnecessary issues.


7. Working with the right group of customers

We have always believed that no one company in the world can serve all clients, so we choose to serve only those who agree with our principles. Only in this way can we grow together.


8. Growing with our clients

Several of our clients have been with us since 10 years ago. Over the past five years, we have grown with our clients, experienced many problems and overcome many difficulties together. We uphold the concept of growing together with our clients and cooperating with each other. We support and encourage each other.