Why 12.9Grade screws easy to break?

It is believed that many people have used 12.9 screws when the screws are easy to break, so why?

Generally, when producing such high-strength 12.9 screws, heat treatment, that is, hardening process, is required after finishing the steps of heading and tooth rubbing. After hardening, the screws need to be dehydrogenated in time, and then surface treatment is required.

In the process of hydrogen removal, if it is not treated in time, hydrogen embrittlement will occur. In addition, hydrogen is removed in time, but hydrogen embrittlement may also occur if hydrogen is not completely removed. The high-strength screw is easy to break when used.

In addition to eliminating the screw breakage caused by hydrogen embrittlement, the deep groove of the screw may also cause the screw to break easily, or the design problem of the R angle under the head, the torque problem during use, etc. are all causes of the screw breakage.

Therefore, when non-standard 12.9 screws are broken, it is necessary to take pictures or videos to the screw manufacturers, who can generally judge from the pictures or videos taken what causes the 12.9 level screw breakage.

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